Den Bosch and surroundings


Fort Isabella Kazerne

Come and experience the rich military history of Vught. Together with Van der valk Hotel ’s-Hertogenbosch-Vught the Stichting Fort Isabella Kazerne offers the possibility for tours around the special barracks complex situated at a stone’s throw from the hotel.

From approx. 1617, Fort Isabella has controlled the Southern access to the city of ’s-Hertogenbosch and for centuries it was an important bridge to be crossed to get control of the city. .

The age-old history will be explained by way of special stories, a visit to an 18th century gate building and possible a tour around the envelope which has by now been taken over by the woods. The museum collection Wielrijders is a reminder of the famous regiment that had its mother barracks here and the soldiers that have fallen in the May days of 1940. To this day they are remembered here.

Fort Isabella has something for everyone. A historic visit can be combined with a visit to the artisanal coffee roasting facility with of course a Brabant sausage roll. If you’re with a somewhat larger party, you can stimulate your brains in one of the two escape rooms. All activities can be tuned to your personal wishes.