Alpacafarm Vorstenbosch is a professional alpaca farm in North Brabant, owned by Willem-Mathijs and Anne van der Aa. Alpacafarm Vorstenbosch was created from a desire to work with animals and a love for alpacas. They breed Huacaya alpacas and focus on strong, healthy foals with a good build and beautiful coat. Breeding is a wonderful activity and the new foals are an experience in themselves every year.

In addition to selling and breeding alpacas, they offer various forms of recreation on the alpaca farm. You can walk with alpacas and they provide guided tours. In addition, the Alpaca bar is open every Saturday and Sunday. On those days, everyone can easily get to know the alpacas on the alpaca farm.

More information, opening hours & tickets

Leeghandseweg 12
5476 VD Vorstenbosch