Bicycle rental

The bicycle rental of Van der valk Hotel 's-Hertogenbosch Vught allows you to leave your own bicycle at home and yet enjoy the Brabant landscape to the fullest. We are happy to help you pick out the bicycle that fits best: both electric bicycles as well as bicycles with gears.

Bicycle routes
The beautiful surroundings of Hotel ’s-Hertogenbosch – Vught can be discovered in many ways. But what better way than to discover the beautiful Brabant landscape by bike? We have various Node routes. This are extensive bicycle route networks that allow you to make amazing tours through Brabant.

You can bring your own trusted bicycle and park it in the lockable bicycle parking.

Book a bicycle package
Discover the Brabant landscape with a bicycle package or an eBike package. After a great day outdoors you will be able to fully unwind in our hotel. We’re always happy to have you.
Rental rates

Bicycle with 7 gears, Union 1 day € 16,00 a.m.
eBike (electric bicycle) 1 day € 25,00
eBike Mastworp 1 day € 25,00
The difference between the eBike and eBike Mastworp has to do mainly with the action radius.
eBike in least resistant position ca. 40 km*
eBike Mastworp in least resistance position ca. 60 km* 

*depending on wind and number of rises in your route.