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For business meetings such as a meeting, conference, (multi-day) training or a company party from 2 to 300 people, Van der Valk Hotel 's-Hertogenbosch - Vught is the place to be. We offer various meeting arrangements. Our Sales colleagues are ready to work with you to put together the desired meeting.

T: (+31) (0)73 658 77 87
E: events@vught.valk.com

An energiser is a short activity that is used as a variation in a programme, such as a brainstorm, meeting, conference, teambuilding session or event. Would you like to interrupt the programme with an energiser to make sure that everyone goes on afterwards with a fresh look? We will gladly inform you about the possibilities.


at Van der Valk

Getting married is something special and the perfect location will make your wedding unforgettable. At Van der Valk Hotel 's-Hertogenbosch-Vught, more is possible than you might think for your ceremony, reception, dinner and/or party. Our atmospheric rooms serve as beautiful backdrops with various possibilities. We would be happy to make an appointment with you for a tour.

After the death of a loved one, the world seems to stand still for a moment. Yet important decisions must be made immediately by next of kin for the farewell and funeral. At Van der Valk Hotel 's Hertogenbosch - Vught you can arrange a condolence, but also the farewell service itself can be arranged at the hotel, with the starting point: a fitting and personal farewell with respect for the deceased and next of kin.