In the middle of cosy Brabant lies the Burgundian 's-Hertogenbosch also known as Den Bosch. The autumn holidays are the perfect time to enjoy all the beauty this region has to offer. Wander through the narrow streets of the old city centre and discover the cosy boutiques, visit the beautiful Petruskerk in Vught, admire the exhibitions in the Noord-Brabants Museum or climb to spectacular heights and view the city from the roof of Sint-Jan. Let the autumn wind blow through your hair and put on your coat for an unforgettable time in Den Bosch & Vught!


Climb St John's Cathedral

If you are in Den Bosch then a visit to St John's Cathedral, the pride of Den Bosch, should not be missed. This extraordinary, gothic church is not to be missed. Its towers reach above everything. Tip: In the month of October, it is temporarily possible to climb the Sint Jan. With the slates on the roof being replaced, the scaffolding and walking structure offers a unique opportunity for such an experience, one that won't be possible for another 100 years. The detailing of St John's can now be seen up close, as well as the breathtaking view of 's-Hertogenbosch and its surroundings once you turn around.

Visit St John's Cathedral

The Adventure Climb

Van Loon Galleries & dePetrus Vught

In just five minutes you can be in the centre of Vught. Be sure to stop here at Van Loon Galleries. Among the largest art galleries in the Netherlands, this gallery specialises in expressive figurative art. And it is also located in a monumental city villa: a work of art in itself! Next door to this gallery is DePetrus. In this amazingly beautiful converted church, you can browse through books, buy a nice gift or have a coffee. Just walking around here will take your eyes away.

Van Loon Galleries


Stroll through the North Brabant Museum

Do you like going to a museum during your visit? Visit The North Brabant Museum and discover works by famous artists like Van Gogh and Jan Sluijters, as well as young talent. The museum is housed in a beautiful 18th-century palace with atmospheric rooms and modern exhibition spaces. And there is plenty to do for the kids too with the fun time travel scavenger hunt!

North Brabant Museum

A night out at Van der Valk Hotel 's-Hertogenbosch - Vught

Give yourself a well-deserved break from the daily routine and enjoy a relaxing night away during the autumn holidays at Van der Valk Hotel 's-Hertogenbosch - Vught. Our comfortable and tastefully decorated rooms offer the ideal place to relax and unwind after a day full of autumn adventures. Let the warm ambience of our hotel welcome you and treat yourself to an unforgettable stay at this beautiful time of year.

Plan your autumn adventure in Brabant today and have an unforgettable time in this enchanting region!

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