Next to our hotel is Holistic Center Heart Vision where you can enjoy
relaxing massages, among other things.

Relaxation massage
A relaxation massage ensures that your body is completely relaxed again. The massage is aimed at letting the body relax, reducing any stress complaints and relieving fatigue. The massage consists of quiet techniques and stroking movements, whereby light pressure is given. A relaxed body gives a relaxed mind. Lovely coming home to yourself.

Sport massage
This massage is somewhat firmer and works deeper into the muscles. Especially good for tension complaints, muscle pain, injuries and / or fatigue symptoms that are the result of physical exertion. The blood circulation in the muscles is improved, which speeds up recovery. Complaints will decrease or disappear, allowing your body to relax again.

Pregnancy massage
A massage makes the muscles more flexible. Breathing becomes deeper and the head relaxes completely. The body can recover. Because of the relaxation the pregnancy can be experienced more consciously and intensively. The baby in your belly feels that you, relax and respond to this.
A nice moment of contact between the two of you.

Length of time Rate   
30 mins € 35.00
60 mins € 65.00
90 mins € 95.00

For more information or to make an appointment, you can contact Mandy van der Meer

Heart Vision
Bosscheweg 2a Vught
(next to hotel van der Valk)

06 - 107 18 245