The wedding ceremony. The moment you marry and will be giving each other the 'yes' and promise each other fidelity. From now on, this is also possible at Van der Valk Hotel Den Bosch - Vught. You can choose from different rooms depending on the number of guests who will be present.

Listed below  are the ceremonial arrangements. The package includes::
- Preferred (theater) setup
- Sound
- Microphone
- Lectern for official

Any additional requirements are of course negotiable.

Mushroom Hall / Fishing Hall / Butterfly Room / Game room (50 persons) € 300.00
Vijverzaal (50 to 100 persons) € 650.00
Falcon Hall (100 to 250 persons) € 850.00

- Rates are valid Monday / Sunday
- Prices do not include fees Township Vught
- There should be unfortunately not sprinkled with rice, confetti, etc.

Contact City Vught
For questions and reservations of the ceremony at the church Vught, please contact with the civil affairs department by phone: +31 73 - 6580 628.