Day guests based on 20 people
Welcome cocktail and amuse
Three-course dinner prepared by yourself, for this you can choose from our menu suggestions for dessert ice bruidstaart.Onderstaand you will find the details of the menu
Drinks at dinner, excluding foreign spirits and international beers.
Evening party for 100 people
Welcome cocktail and petit four
Unlimited drinks for 5 consecutive hours, excluding foreign spirits and foreign beers.
Luxury nuts and pretzels on the table
Various cold and hot appetizers: 300 cold and 300 hot appetizers
Offcourse can make youw night complete and book your wedding a night in one of our bridal suites including breakfast

Day guest 42,00 p.p.
Party Guest 34,00 p.p.

Foreign spirits (you specify which spirits can choose up to 3) 12.50 pp
Hour extension festive evening 7.50 p.p.
Ham with melon or carpaccio with pine nuts, rocket and parmesan
Sliced pork with a sauce of mushrooms and poached salmon with champagne sauce
ice cream cake

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